Flue pipes For GAS BOILERS
Flue pipes For GAS BOILERS

Flue pipes For GAS BOILERS

The installation of materials unsuitable for the purpose, the undersizing or oversizing of the sections and the insertion of incompatible components are the main errors that are committed in the design and construction of a flue, with the risk that the whole system will result inefficient or dangerous.
The company De Marinis designs and manufactures flue pipes entirely in Italy scrupulously following the technical and regulatory indications to solve every problem and need, from the small domestic chimney to the large industrial plant.
Therefore, we put our experience and technical expertise at your service to help you choose;

then we have then summarized the product range according to the application, if it is external, internal or inserted in the technical compartment (retention, cavity) and we advise you in case of doubt to consult our technical service and to read the documentation available at following link

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