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ISO10 Double Wall System COPPER - * New *
ISO10 Double Wall System COPPER - * New *

ISO10 Double Wall System COPPER - * New *

Iso10 series -  Double wall stainless steel chimney pipes with 10 mm insulation
NEW !  the ISO 10 system is a revolutionary for exhaust fumes.

ISO 10, thanks to the mineral wool interposed between the walls, can be used both for low-temperature fumes that high, giving the user a visual impact certainly more discreet: the increase in diameter between the inner wall and the outside of the system is in fact only two centimeters. Used to exhale smoke and humid low temperatures, typical of condensation generators, medium or high temperature dry, such as pellet stoves, to positive pressures or natural draft: the right product for every application.
To guarantee also of greater safety will be the high-density mineral wool (till 100 kg !!), interposed between the walls without mechanical connecting elements such as metal spinet and springs, which inevitably cause phenomena of thermal bridge between the walls.
Compliance with European Standards EN1856-1: 2009


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