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Pellet stove pipes
Pellet stove pipes Matteoda Torino ITALY

Pellet stove pipes

Not all pipes for pellet stoves are the same!
Quality in materials, precision in forming and welding, and interchangeability with stainless steel elements, these are the reasons that make the difference
Matteoda.IT proposes the production of De Marinis Srl, a leading company in Italy in the design and construction of flues.
Pellet stove tubes in painted or enamelled steel, in stainless steel Aisi316, with all accessories (curves, rosettes, T-tubes, reductions and surcharges, hats and terminals for stove pipes) suitable for any kind of indoor installation, from A pleasant, long-lasting aesthetic with a guarantee of up to 10 years on some lines.
And the added value of pre and post sales assistance that only a specialist such as Matteoda.IT can offer
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