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Line PLUS Matteoda Torino ITALY


Welcome to the eclectic and innovative Plus bathroom accessories line by Colombo Design, where the distinctive design signed by Piet Billekens has re-established a perfect balance between concept and function. With a philosophy that challenges convention, Billekens has created furnishing accessories that are not subordinated to styles or trends, but rather stand as true icons of versatility and originality.

Each accessory in the Plus line is a testament to Billekens' ability to combine sophisticated form with uncompromising functionality. The clean lines and carefully considered details are the expression of a timeless design, which fits harmoniously into any context without ever losing its distinctive identity.

We invite you to explore our online catalog to discover the diversity of bathroom accessories from the Plus line by Colombo Design. With his unconstrained approach to current styles, Billekens has fashioned furnishing accessories that stand the test of time, offering a unique and timeless vision for your bathroom. Be ready to rewrite the rules and explore the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Consult the catalog today and discover how Colombo Design's Plus bathroom accessories can transform your space into a boundless style statement.

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