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Wood stoves

Palazzetti wood stoves

The heating of wood stoves has an unparalleled charm that speaks of tradition and the relationship with nature.
But not only.
Today it also expresses important technological contents that make the choice of wood suitable for the rhythms and architecture of contemporary times, with the unique pleasure of an ancient flame.
We present the range of Palazzetti wood stoves, which heat by radiation or with ventilated air, and are available in different finishes and materials (steel, ceramic, soapstone, etc ...) and a wide range of colors.

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Brand: Palazzetti

Wood stove Palazzetti Eva S 8 Kw with heat accumulator

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Palazzetti Eva S 8 Kw with heat accumulator - Structure in painted steel with sides and top available in various materials and colors. Equipped with After Flame technology, a refractory accumulation that stores heat and transfers it by radiation up to 10 hours after switching off.

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