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Flues in Copper ISO10
Flues in Copper ISO10 Matteoda Torino ITALY

Flues in Copper ISO10

10 mm insulated double wall chimney in COPPER
An absolute novelty, the ISO10 system by De Marinis combines the efficiency of the insulated flue with reduced external dimensions.
ISO 10, thanks to the mineral wool interposed between the walls, can be used for both low and high temperature fumes, ensuring the user a more discrete aesthetic impact: the increase in diameter between the internal and external walls of the system is in fact, only two centimeters.
It can be used to exhale wet and low temperature fumes, typical of condensing generators, or medium-high temperature buckets, such as pellet stoves, for positive pressures or natural draft: the right product for every application.
Greater security is ensured by high-density mineral wool sandwiched between the walls without mechanical joining elements such as metal springs and springs, which inevitably cause thermal bridge phenomena between the walls.
It is available in natural COPPER or in HAMMERED COPPER, ideal solutions for outdoor installation where a less impactful aesthetic result is required compared to stainless steel such as in historic centers or prestigious buildings
Complies with European standard EN1856-1: 2009


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