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Canne fumarie Rame CONDEX
Canne fumarie Rame CONDEX Matteoda Torino ITALY

Canne fumarie Rame CONDEX

CONDEX series - Flues Double Wall with external COPPER for condensing boilers
Ideal compromise between practicality and aesthetics, the system CONDEX COPPER SYSTEM allows to meet the specific installation of modern condensing generators that explicitly require the plastic material for the smoke outlet (even if all systems in stainless steel Aisi316 single and double wall are technically and normatively appropriate) while ensuring longer life and, above all, an aesthetic more pleasant
Made by De Marinis, company leader in the sector and manufacturer in Italy since 1979, using high-tech equipment
The outer wall is made of NATURAL COPPER, material that provides greater durability and stability and to the rigors of time and that it differs from plating treatments, hammering or painting of end products cheaper; so it is ideal for installation in prestigious properties in town centers or indoors where it is required not only efficiency and safety, but also aesthetics
This series is suitable for condensing generators and meets all requirements of the standard EN 14471: 2005


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