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Locks C10 / C28+ Mottura 30 Series
Locks C10 / C28+ Mottura 30 Series Matteoda

Locks C10 / C28+ Mottura 30 Series

The safety locks to be applied by MOTTURA series 30 can be equipped from the origin of the safety cylinder with key C10 or C28 Plus.
The installation does not require any modification with respect to the MOTTURA safety lock with double-bit key as the cylinder is incorporated into the sleeve already equipped with a defender reinforcement.
It is not necessary, therefore, to drill further holes on the door and the safety of the system is comparable to that obtainable with a European cylinder and a defender.
Simple to apply, they can be with 1 closing point called "Lateral", with 3 closing points with "Triple" or "5-point" closing points of the "Quintuplici" or H-shaped locks.
The MOTTURA 30 series safety locks are therefore the optimal solution and simple application to protect against the theft made with the use of a Bulgarian key or picks.
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