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MOTTURA 3DKEY security locks
MOTTURA 3DKEY security locks Matteoda Torino ITALY

MOTTURA 3DKEY security locks

3D KEY® by MOTTURA is the new and revolutionary system of locks that combine protection, technology and style
Specifically designed to increase the security level of armored and armored doors, they have in the typology of key the real novelty that with 3 ciphering surfaces and 2 desmodronic tracks is absolutely unassailable with the opening systems with pick-up type manipulation, Bulgarian key, bumpkey , tracing, etc.
the 3D KEY® system does not require a defender and therefore simplifies installation on armored doors with a double-bit lock thanks to the reduced thickness of 25mm which allows assembly with or without the manganese reinforcement plate.
The 3D KEY® provides 10 billion possible combinations and the mathematical certainty that there are not two locks with the same key, which can be duplicated only and exclusively at the Mottura headquarters with a protected and controlled procedure.
3D KEY® goes well beyond the high security standard offered by European profile cylinder systems, and is the ideal choice for the customer who is not satisfied and demands an absolute and exclusive level of safety
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