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Colombo Design Handles
Colombo Design Handles Matteoda Torino ITALY

Colombo Design Handles

Colombo Design Maniglie

Colombo Design is the leading company in Italy in the production of handles, affirmed in the world as an excellence of Made in Italy precisely by virtue of the quality and design of the products, true icons of style thanks also to the continuous attention to market demands.

The collaboration with the most important architecture firms has traced the trends of the shapes and lines anticipated in the most popular models of the Colombo Design catalog.

New shapes, but also new materials and new finishes; also in this Colombo Design has placed itself as the leader in innovation with the classic finishes of gold and chrome guaranteed for 10 years, in the very high resistance HPS for the most severe conditions of use, up to the Graphite or Vintage novelty in the panorama of world production but immediately very popular.

Each Colombo Design handle is an original piece, conceived and created with the philosophy of those who not only produce an object, but put all the passion and commitment into it to make it unique.

Matteoda.IT has been collaborating with Colombo Design since the origin of the brand, a relationship that has become increasingly consolidated over the years, and offers the entire catalog with an exclusive special discount for the web.

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