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NEW POWER Dierre cylinders
NEW POWER Dierre cylinders Matteoda Torino ITALY

NEW POWER Dierre cylinders

NEW POWER is the new European cylinder of DIERRE designed to ensure maximum security against break-in.
Developed and produced entirely within DIERRE, a leading European company in the construction of armored and armored doors, it combines a particularly robust body reinforced by a steel bar that complicates its extraction or rear ejection, a system of encryption of the desmodronic anti-dumping, anti-beating and antitragic key, ASP 2-star certificate.
NEW POWER is anti-drilling and anti-tampering with a special trap that locks the cylinder in case of attempted manipulation.
NEW POWER is the ideal solution for your doors on DIERRE, and Matteoda.IT is DIERRE KEY Point of reference for its area.
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