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Wood stoves
Wood stoves Matteoda Torino ITALY

Wood stoves

Wood stoves Caminetti Montegrappa

Since 1976 Caminetti Montegrappa has been designing and manufacturing thermo-products capable of producing clean energy thanks to high efficiency and low environmental impact.
Wood has always been the most economical and eco-sustainable way to heat our rooms, and with the increases in the cost of fossil fuels, but also of the pellet derivative, it can be a solution to significantly reduce the energy bill without giving up heat in the longest periods. cold.
Caminetti Montegrappa offers various solutions, from traditional wood-burning stoves in cast iron to stoves developed on the LH9 and LH11 platforms that provide a common "heart", but different aesthetics and adaptable to different tastes and styles of furniture; a solution that allows you to change the "dress" of your stove at any time and that considerably simplifies maintenance and assistance operations.
All the stoves in the Caminetti Montegrappa catalog comply with the most recent and strict regulations, and give the possibility to access the concessions provided by the Italian or regional laws.

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