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Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories Matteoda Torino ITALY

Bathroom Accessories

Colombo Design bathroom furniture
The Sensitive Quality

The Colombo Design bathroom accessories collections are the ideal complement to furnish bathrooms of all styles.
The aesthetic elegance of Colombo Design bathroom accessories, designed in collaboration with important and renowned international designers, is accompanied by the production excellence of "made in Italy", which only the best materials and the most innovative manufacturing processes can guarantee.

Colombo Design bathroom accessories are offered in countertop and wall versions and available in different finishes including the most recent PVD finishes: Graphite, Graphite Mat, Vintage and Vintage Mat from the Look and Plus collections

The extensive catalog of designer bathroom accessories includes: floor lamps and columns for the bathroom, hangers, trestles and seats for the shower, bathroom mirrors and magnifying mirrors, shower corners and numerous sets of countertop accessories including soap dish, soap dispenser and glass.
The accessories section offers stools, poubelle, tub grab bars, trestles, linen racks and handkerchiefs, real pieces of furniture designed and built to last over time.

Contract, on the other hand, is the selection of bathroom accessories designed for the hotel industry and for public spaces, environments where hygiene, functionality, safety and comfort are increasingly important. Inside there are soap dispensers, tub grab bars, stools, magnifying mirrors, shower corners, shower stands, shower seats, hair dryers, poubelle, waste paper handlers, toilet paper roll dispensers, Kleenex holders, towels and toilet brush holders.

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