Single-wall stainless steel AISI316 flues
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Single-wall stainless steel AISI316 flues

Mono Series - Stainless Steel Mono Wall AISI316 Smoke Pipe
The MONO series guarantees the installer and the user absolute safety and compliance with current regulations.
Product entirely built in AISI 316 L BA with microplasma and tig welding, it is light and practical in assembly and suitable to solve all the installation problems thanks to its versatility and completeness of accessories.
Can be used for indoor installations and can be combined with liquid, solid or gaseous fuel generators, domestic or industrial cooker hoods, clean air transport, air-conditioned or heated.
This series is also suitable for condensing generators and meets all the requirements of EN 1856-2.
It is therefore the ideal solution for the reprocessing of old brick, refractory or stone flues; the reduced thickness allows the operating temperature to be reached in less time, with a consequent advantage in terms of yield, while guaranteeing maximum safety and flame resistance even in the event of a fire limit in the smoke channel.

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