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Evolution occurs naturally when at the center there is desire and ability, skills, experience, passion and love for one's territory.
Caminetti Montegrappa puts all its know-how at your disposal and in your hands.
The production is carried out entirely on the local territory ensuring a high quality level that reflects the peculiarities of the true MADE IN ITALY.
Before being placed on the market, each product is subjected to strict quality controls in the TESTING AND TESTING LABORATORY within the company: tested and analyzed by highly specialized technicians and state-of-the-art equipment.
Attention to detail, refined design and elegance are aimed at fully satisfying all the needs that the market requires with an eye to the quality / price ratio, cutting-edge technology and ecology

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Brand: Caminetti Montegrappa

Pellet stove Caminetti Montegrappa ALPINA MX16 ducted 3 motors 16Kw

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Montegrappa ALPINA MX16 hermetic - Pellet stove with ventilated and ducted hot air 3 fans. Circular shape and design that recalls the classic lines, Alpina M fits perfectly into any type of furniture. The sides, covered in majolica, are decorated with elegant leaf motifs.

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