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Double wall inox pipe systems
Double wall inox pipe systems Matteoda Torino

Double wall inox pipe systems

Series Iso Air - Flues Double Wall Stainless Steel
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Double wall chimney system versatile without insulation; the blade of air acts as an insulator interposed in place of the classic blade of rock, exploiting the insulating power of the air static as there is possibility of forming convective motion between the walls in only 10 mm of interspace
Made with high-tech equipment and materials such as stainless steel suitable Aisi316L BA for the smoke duct and the stainless steel 304 BA for the outer tube which provides excellent resistance to acid condensate and weatherproof
Usable in the limits of the generators with discharge pressure up to 200 Pa with wet flue gas.
This series is also suitable for condensing generators and meets all requirements of the standard EN 1856-1: 2009


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