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COAXIAL coaxial flues
COAXIAL coaxial flues Matteoda Torino ITALY

COAXIAL coaxial flues

COAXIAL is the flue system that allows the intake of combustion air and the exhaust of fumes in a single pipe with a double stainless steel core. Made of AISI316 stainless steel for the internal duct, and of AISI304 stainless steel for the external wall available in both BA NATURAL Glossy finish and in BLACK PAINTED for exposed installations.
The COAXIAL coaxial flue solves the installation problems of CHIMNEYS, stoves and generators at both high and low smoke emission temperatures, while ensuring maximum safety and efficiency which translates into lower consumption and less maintenance.
COAXIAL is certified according to the European standard EN 14989, the only reference for coaxial metal flue systems.
The whole COAXIAL line is available online on Matteoda.IT at the installer price.
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