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Pellet stove
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Pellet stove

Pellet stoves Caminetti Montegrappa

Since 1976 Caminetti Montegrappa has been designing and manufacturing thermo-products capable of producing clean energy thanks to high efficiency and low environmental impact.
But not only !
Continuous innovation and the search for the best solutions has led to the creation of unique stoves on the market; for example, the AUP self-cleaning brazier present on many stoves which are already 5-star certified further reduce user intervention in routine maintenance, or the "wonder" effect glass that darkens when the stove is switched off.
Caminetti Montegrappa pellet stoves are developed on common platforms that share "the heart", leaving free the possibility to change "the dress" according to taste; a big advantage as the components are shared, thus facilitating maintenance and service
In the Caminetti Montegrappa catalog you will find the pellet stove suited to your needs and tastes

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