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MOTTURA - security locks, cylinders and spare parts
MOTTURA - security locks, cylinders and spare

MOTTURA - security locks, cylinders and spare parts

Matteoda Utensilferramenta is a specialized MOTTURA CLUB center for the sale of locks, security cylinders with a European profile MOTTURA CHAMPIONS®, MOTTURA 3DKEY® and duplication of every type of key.
Thanks to a close collaboration and weekly arrivals, Matteoda.IT is able to provide any MOTTURA lock even if not included in the catalog in line and in the shortest possible time.
Only online is the price of the Mottura catalog locks with an installer discount.
MOTTURA is a 100% Italian company, European leader in the design and construction of 'thief-proof' security systems, protected against the Bulgarian key and attempts to open with bumping, picking or tracing techniques.
MOTTURA also produces electronic locks of very high security and reliability; with the XNOVA line the lock becomes intelligent by integrating an access control system using TAG, biometric fingerprint detection, Bluetooth command, all without having to install complex systems.

On the other hand, with XDRIN, the high safety and reliability of MOTTURA can also be applied to the closing of doors and gates with the new motorized closing system with knob or internal lock; a system that reduces the risk that the lock does not "click" after the door is closed and that guarantees maximum resistance to break-in and greater control over duplicates thanks to the Champions C28PLUS cylinder

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