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Adhesives, sealants, putty
Adhesives, sealants, putty Matteoda Torino ITALY

Adhesives, sealants, putty

Matteoda.IT offers the complete range of UHU-BOSTIK adhesives, world leader in the sector.

Do-it-yourself glues, specialized one- and two-component adhesives for professional use, acrylic, acetic, neutral and special silicones and sealants, putties for working on metal, wood, plastic and fiberglass.

PolyMAX, the innovative range of multipurpose polymeric adhesives, is also available on Matteoda.IT; LegnoMAX the professional adhesive with D4 certification for gluing wood; Assembly KIT, the multipurpose glue for the home; UHU-PLUS, the professional two-component adhesive; Grizzly Montage, the evolution of high-strength assembly adhesives; LIQUID RUBBER, the revolutionary waterproofing product also available in tape; Fast Fix² the two-component, ultra-fast setting adhesive for any type of material

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