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Colombo Design window handles
Colombo Design window handles Matteoda Torino

Colombo Design window handles

Colombo Design window handles

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Colombo Design window handles, also called "cremonesi", are the main complement of external doors and windows and are obviously available in many variations of shapes and finishes.

Perfectly coordinated with the series of handles, conceived by the most important internationally renowned designers, Colombo Design Cremonese have a mechanical part separated from the aesthetic one, a feature that allows them to be replaced or restored without requiring technical intervention or modifications to the window.

All mechanical movements are available to combine with the different types of closure applied to the windows

And, the latest and exclusive novelty in the Colombo Design window handles catalog, is the DK / Zero mechanism which miniaturizes the mechanics in the case of DK closures (Vasistas, etc.); the result is an even more discreet and modern handle

Below you will find all the models of Colombo Design window handles at the best prices with installer discount available exclusively for online orders

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