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Safes / Cabinets armored

Safes / Cabinets armored

Would you trust your values to a stranger?
More than 100 years Matteoda Utensilferramenta is a specialist in the safe in Turin;
If you are looking for a wall safe, a mobile safe, an invisible safe hidden by an electrical outlet, a professional safe, an armored wardrobe, a fireproof cabinet or container or a safety container, Matteoda.IT has the solution for you.
The best brands; Mottura Personal safes, Technomax armored cabinets, Sicurbox invisible safes, Technofire fireproof cabinets and safes, Hotel Hokey Mottura or Technomax safes,.
And the best prices with the assistance of real professionals in security.
Please contact our technical service for advice, you will find what you need!
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