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ADJ Collection
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ADJ Collection

One of Colombo Design's fundamental values is the socially responsible approach to Design, in line with modern environmental standards in production, which guarantees high quality and durability.

ADJ Collection is a wide range of fully customizable quality accessories and interior design items for homes, offices, yachts, private jets, hotels and restaurants.

ADJ Collection takes up the tradition of room decoration, revisiting it and embodying it in modern forms, infusing life and comfort into any interior. All ADJ Collection products use a special protective treatment on both sides which guarantees greater resistance to abrasion and scratches, easy cleaning, color and shape preservation. Also ideal for decorating outdoor spaces.

The leather used in the production of ADJ Collection items requires precision and high technology, this makes it more valuable than traditional leather.
The material, in fact, is obtained by treating the leather with 100% natural latex, giving the leather elasticity and resistance.
The subsequent processing  with natural fats and dyes gives the material excellent resistance characteristics.

The leather is produced in the oldest German factory that strictly complies with all regulatory health and environmental requirements, both for raw materials and final products. Raw materials and products are constantly monitored by specialists in independent laboratories in Germany.

All the products in the ADJ Collection are designed with the aim of being comfortable and practical
accessory in everyday life, standing out for its elegance and style in every environment: home, office and exclusive spaces.

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