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Single-wall AISI304 stainless steel ventilation ducts
Condotte ventilazione Inox AISI304 monoparete

Single-wall AISI304 stainless steel ventilation ducts

The VENTIL range, made of AISI304 stainless steel, is the economical and technically optimal solution for creating hot and cold clean air ducts. The mechanical joint with clamp or with sealing collar simplifies installation and assembly, while ensuring perfect system efficiency even at very high temperatures. It is also an esthetically satisfying solution thanks to the use of stainless steel and to the design and accurate realization of the various components, welded to TIG over the entire length.
The system complies with the European standards EN1856-2: 2009 and the most restrictive Italian regulations.
It is not suitable for installation for the discharge of humid and biomass fumes


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