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Canne fumarie Inox AISI316 flessibili
Canne fumarie Inox AISI316 flessibili Matteoda

Canne fumarie Inox AISI316 flessibili

The flexible stainless steel pipes of the Flexi-INOX series by Demarinis are made of stainless steel and are suitable for use in flues, with resistance to high temperatures and acids.

The use, within the limits of the legislation, allows to solve the problems of installing rigid flues in particularly narrow spaces or with paths characterized by irregular curves, or to create connection sleeves for chimneys or boilers.

Another advantage of the flexible piping is the greater ability to absorb vibrations and noises coming from the ventilation motors

The operating range of Flexi Inox pipes goes from -100 ° C to + 700 ° C, making the components suitable for any type of use

In each installation, the special junction sleeves between rigid and flexible pipes, available as accessories, must be used

Matteoda.IT is an authorized De Marinis dealer and has all the components for flues and flues in its catalog

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