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Inox ISO25 insulated chimney flues
Inox ISO25 insulated chimney flues Matteoda

Inox ISO25 insulated chimney flues

ISO25 is the insulated double wall chimney system, versatile and easy to install.
The insulated double-wall flue eliminates the thermal bridges (critical for heat transmission) between the internal smoke duct and the external wall, thus increasing the efficiency and the heating speed required to make the draft immediately efficient.
It is the optimal solution for the realization of external flues that guarantee maximum efficiency and safety in all environmental conditions, even in the presence of very low temperatures.
The ISO25 flue is suitable for receiving fumes generated from solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.
Made with plants with a high technological content and suitable materials, it guarantees an excellent resistance to the aggression of acid condensation.
This series is CE marked, certified and also suitable for condensing generators and meets all the requirements of the EN 1856-2 standard.


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