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Chargers / starters
Chargers / starters Matteoda Torino ITALY

Chargers / starters

The car chargers are an essential accessory to always have and in any condition of cars, motorcycles and vans. Depending on the use, it may be advisable to use a traditional battery charger, when the need is to charge the battery, or an electronic battery charger or a charge maintainer when, on the contrary, it is necessary to keep batteries of occasionally used vehicles in perfect condition.
On Matteoda.IT you will find all the models, from the simplest to the most complex, to load any kind of battery (lead, lead gel, dry, etc.) from the smallest bikes to the big truck
And you will also find a wide assortment of starters and jump starters to start the engine even in case of low battery, in addition to the inverters to transform the voltage of the 12V battery into a voltage of 230V
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