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Roof passage elements
Roof passage elements

Roof passage elements

The components for roof passage allow to guarantee maximum safety of the flue systems in the conditions in which they must operate near easily combustible materials (wooden slabs and roofs, plastic insulators, etc.)

They allow adequate distancing and insulation, therefore, from structures that could catch fire if the flue were to operate at high temperatures both in normal service conditions and in the unfortunate event of a fire due to fortuitous causes, incorrect sizing or lack of maintenance.

The different systems also allow you to limit the necessary distance between the chimney wall and flammable structures (factor O in product certifications), simplifying the installation of smoke ducts which therefore do not require large cavities or the formation of shafts near slabs and roofs

De Marinis offers three systems that solve every installation need:

- FIREPASS; economical and versatile system composed of a cup of compact ceramic insulation, it allows you to secure already prepared installations or in arrangements where it is not possible to mount elements passing through or integrated into the smoke duct

- PASSING; practical and versatile system consisting of an insulated counter pipe to be fitted onto the insulated flue pipe, which considerably simplifies installation

- SAFE SLIM; certified system with its own DOP with universal connection that is integrated into the flue, which represents the safest and most effective solution even in extreme conditions; also available in Copper and painted

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