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Colombo Design, how to design and build the most beautiful handles in the world

Since 1991, the year of its foundation, Colombo Design has been producing handles of the highest quality and characterized by absolutely avant-garde shapes that have made "school".

Thanks to the collaboration with important designers, who have signed the most exclusive models for Colombo Design, dignity has been restored to the handle, one of the most important furnishing components, but much neglected until then.

Nothing is left to chance, in Colombo Design each handle has been conceived, designed and built to obtain a visual and tactile pleasure, to ensure that a door or window is no longer a functional element, but a piece of furniture with a own strong personality; new shapes, new materials and new finishes; so Colombo Design has managed in twenty years to propose the right solution for every need.

But not only modernity and innovation, but also classic style and traditional materials in case historical and original environments need to be recovered and restored.
Antologhia is the classic line proposed by Colombo Design; only and exclusively brass, in its most classic finishes, worked with original techniques and with shapes derived from drawings and models of past centuries, a product of Italian craftsmanship excellence appreciated all over the world.

And for modern furniture, Colombo Design proposes Formae, reproducing the concept of "beautiful, functional and pleasant to the touch" also in the furniture handles with knobs and handles that reflect the studied lines of window handles.

Matteoda.IT has been a partner of Colombo Design handles since 1992 and offers the complete catalog for sale online at special installer prices.


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