Laser measurer DISTO Leica
Laser measurer DISTO Leica

Laser measurer DISTO Leica

LEICA DISTO® laser meters for professionals
When we talk about the laser measurer, we are talking about the Leica DISTO®.

Leica invented the distance meter over thirty years ago, a tool that simplified the measurements and made them fast, simple and reliable thanks to the power of the laser and the precision of the optics, which have always been the German brand's strong point.

The DISTO® has revolutionized the measurement of interiors and exteriors because it has enclosed in a portable instrument all the functions necessary for the designer, who was previously obliged to carry out complicated operations with tape measures, measuring wheels and rangefinders.

Since there is DISTO® everything is therefore easier and faster, even calculating areas and volumes, or obtaining heights by means of the Pythagorean calculation, simply by pressing a button; turn on, point the laser where you want to measure, press the button and the operation is finished.

And today the whole DISTO® range is equipped with a Bluetooth interface that allows the transfer of measurement data to APPs installed on phones, PDAs and tablets; everything even simpler, faster and more precise!

The Leica DISTO® family consists of models suitable for any need, from simple linear measurement to the most complex survey and calculation operations even in 3D, all designed and built with the same philosophy, to measure everything, always and at its best.

Leica DISTO® D1 is the entry level; accurate, long range and lightweight with a range of up to 40m and an accuracy of 2mm. Compact and lightweight, it's perfect for measuring at unusual angles or while handling other tools.

Leica DISTO® D2 the bestseller Leica all along, today with many more functions than in the past; With 7 measurement modes and 1mm error margin, it is easy to use with 1.5mm accuracy and 100m range.

Leica DISTO® X3 "site-proof"; protected from dust and splashes, it measures up to 150 meters and is equipped with an inclination sensor that allows indirect measurements to be obtained thanks to the powerful calculation functions and the possibility of interfacing the distance meter to all applications such as the Disto PLAN

Leica DISTO® X4 is ideal for outdoor measurements; thanks to the built-in camera, it allows you to aim the measurement point directly from the instrument; the measurement capabilities are those of the X3 model, as well as the possibility of using the DST360 station which transforms the X4 into a point-to-point meter

Leica DISTO® D810 the first DISTO with the touch display; The MIP (measure on picture) function allows you to determine the height, width, area, diameter or circumference of an object from a photograph taken with the D810. Mark the object using the pointers on the touch screen to measure the width of a second story window, the surface of a billboard, or the diameter of an above ground tank.

The whole Leica DISTO® range purchased on Matteoda.IT enjoys the official LEICA ITALIA guarantee of 24 months + 12 months

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