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Cucine a legna / pellets
Cucine a legna / pellets Matteoda Torino ITALY

Cucine a legna / pellets

Wood-burning kitchens ("putagè" or "potagè" in Piedmontese dialect) represent the most ancient way of cooking, innovative compared to pots or grills inserted in fireplaces.
Originally made with heavy cast iron castings, they allowed to control and speed up the cooking of food, while ensuring greater cleanliness and safety compared to the open and free flame of the fireplaces
Over the years, wood-burning cookers have profoundly evolved, reaching today an efficiency and cleanliness in combustion comparable to gas cookers, but offering a completely different aesthetic result and above all the pleasure of cooking "old-fashioned" directly on the top heated by the flame of the wood
The construction techniques and the increasingly restrictive regulations mean that wood stoves are today absolutely safe and respectful of the environment, but with the charm of the flame of the wood that warms the environment, but also the heart
Matteoda.IT, with years of experience in the sale of thermo-products, today offers a complete catalog of wood-burning cookers with environmental certification that allows access to incentives and bonuses; beautiful in appearance, efficient, clean in combustion.
But Matteoda.IT is above all assistance in pre and post sales, with attentive and competent staff who will be able to advise you in your choice.
We have chosen for you the products of LINCAR, ROYAL 1915, La Nordica, leading companies entirely Made in Italy

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