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Sistema ISOAIR RAME doppia parete
Sistema ISOAIR RAME doppia parete

Sistema ISOAIR RAME doppia parete

IsoAIR RAME is the air-insulated double-walled smoking system with internal wall in AISI 316 stainless steel and NATURAL COPPER external wall; the ideal choice for outdoor installations that combines product quality, efficiency, durability and aesthetics
The absence of insulation reduces the encumbrance to just 2 cm more than the nominal diameter of the internal smoke channel
Mechanical joint with locking collar and sealing gasket, practical and compatible with all De Marinis products.
It can be combined with any type of generator with maximum working pressure at 200Pa and operating temperatures up to 200 ° C (traditional or condensation gas boilers, pellet stoves and boilers, kitchen and extractor hoods, and c).
The whole ISOAIR RAME line is certified according to European regulation EN-1856-1: 2009 and is guaranteed for 10 years

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